About Us

ithinq is a UK-based company offering competitive price analysis for the services that you need for your business. With the best energy suppliers on board, we help you cut the operational cost of your business to a minimum.

Spend Less With Ithinq

ithinq is a solution-oriented company to helps small businesses grow to their maximum potential. We believe in offering a level playing field for all businesses so they can contribute to the development of the company. As a leading energy broker, we help businesses find a suitable supplier that ensures quality and affordability. We believe in advancement and catching up on new trends, which is the reason we offer the advanced technology, top-quality services, and best offers for all businesses.

Initiate Smooth Shift Today

Switching to ithinq is hassle-free and easy.

  • You can start with requesting a quote.
  • With the quote offered by the ithinq, you can select the best deal that suits your business.
  • After selecting the deal with ithinq, you are ready to enjoy saving.

All in One Solution

  • ithinq offers a complete solution to all your business energy needs under one roof.
  • We bundle up all the services and offer you an easy comparison method that can allow you to save a lot.
  • Our solution is straightforward, offering you the best deal from multiple dealers or the cheapest dealers in all domains.

One Account Handle All

  • Remembering passwords and IDs for all your utility bills gets very difficult.
  • With ithinq, you will have access to all bills with just one ID and password.
  • Ithinq offers a simple solution to lost passwords, paperwork, and other utility-related issues.

Still Struggling with Information? Reach Out Now

Ithinq guidance desk is always there to help you throughout the process. You can reach out to us and our experts will reach out to you right away.

Looking for more Information?

You can find more about Energy below, or try our dedicated Energy Help and Support page.

Frequently asked questions

On average it takes around 4 to 6 weeks to complete a full switch between energy suppliers.

Yes. All the energy suppliers we compare must abide by a strict set of industry regulations enforced by bodies such as OFCOM.

As the name might suggest, this is whereby your contract ends and you either haven’t renewed or sought a switch to another business energy supplier, which can usually be quite expensive. This is another reason why you should seek a switch with us here at ithinq. This could avoid you having to pay a renewal quote.

Whenever you are switching between suppliers you will never lose access as both suppliers will share the same power grid.